Because an opportunity to provide inexpensive cash flow protection just makes sense!

  • Pre-tax medical indemnity plans reduce FICA match obligation
  • Most plans offered guaranteed issue through an employer
  • Adds customization to benefits package
  • Shifts customary medical premium cost increases to options with fixed premiums
  • A shift in focus from cost sharing to long term financial stability

We can work with you to develop an offering of customized programs that are best-in-class, affordable, and minimally intrusive to your current payroll processes.

Voluntary Benefits

Why limit us to benefits communication when we can help with so much more?

  • Wellness engagement and program implementation
  • Consolidated Billing and reconciliation
  • Medical claims experience tracking and reduction initiatives
  • Benefits guide design, printing, and distribution
  • New Hire and termination consultation and enrollment
  • Electronic form completion, verification, and tracking 
  • Financial Planning

Demand more from your partnerships than just one month out of the year.  Prepare Benefits prides itself in enhancing value creation to its clients! 


Elimination of paper forms and manual data entry once and for all!

  • Multiple Enrollment Platform options to meet your needs

  • Benefit Administration Support that works with your budget
  • Data intregration that eliminates conflict
  • Automated carrier and payroll Feeds   
  • Auditing reports and benefit election confirmation distribution

There is a new wave of integration and automation changing the way HR processes will be completed.  How accurate, consistent, and readily available is your data?  

How would you like your employees to experience open enrollment?

  • Group Meeting Presentations
  • Onsite Personalized Consultation
  • Online Interactive Self-Guided Benefits Explanation and Enrollment
  • Call Center Enrollment
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Pre and Post Enrollment Support


Open Enrollment does not have to be a labor intensive, overwhelming tornado.  Benefit counselors and enrollment technology stand ready to help calm the storm and alleviate the time-consuming tasks.   

How It All Comes Together



Value-Added Services 

Open Enrollment Support

Need a partner you can trust?

When you partner with Prepare Benefits you can be confident you have a knowledgeable, seasoned team of individuals who take pride in their reputation for professionalism and sophistication.

How could your benefits communication be better?

The range of services we offer is unmatched in flexibility and adaptability to your company's needs.  We provide a level of customer service and ongoing support you won't get from most benefits enrollment partners.


Listening and learning

Experience has taught that there is not one solution which works for all.  Understanding how your culture competes and thrives will help us customize a program that suits your needs.

Below are some of the ways we can add value to your group.

Our Promise

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Let's set new  expectations together !